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WPU Education Department (Demo)

William Peace University offers many opportunities for students and their chosen majors. Professors and faculty work hard daily to ensure all students are on a path to succeed and achieve their goals. The university’s education department is just one example of how students can grow and thrive during their college career.  
The department is guided by Mrs. Robin Vincent, Dr. Amanda Bock, and Dr. Jennifer Russell. Not only does the department have a 100% job placement guarantee for future teachers after graduation, but TUG and SPS students are provided various learning experiences while on their paths to become well rounded educators. All students with an education major have access to go into elementary, middle school, or high school careers.
“William Peace University is attracting high caliber students.” said Department Chair, Dr. Russell.
Compared to past years, there has been an increase in the amount of students that have been exempt from taking the Praxis Core tests because of their high SAT and ACT scores this year. Unlike larger universities education departments, Peace students receive very hands-on practice in and out of the classroom.
Peace also has a partnership with Wake County Schools for students as they begin their student teaching and field experiences. All Peace graduates in the education program from last May were hired and placed into a Wake County school.
One significant addition to the Peace’s field experience program this year is three student teachers have begun their field experiences in middle schools. This is the very first time middle schools have ever been a part of the student teacher experience at William Peace University.
Coordinator of field placements, Mrs. Vincent, has worked at Peace for 14 years in the education department. She says that interacting with students at Peace makes her the happiest. She believes that the field experience is the most important component of the education program for her students. Mrs. Vincent works closely with several Wake County public schools in order to place students in a classroom that fits perfect with their goals and individual needs.
“I’m surprised by the challenges college students face and I want to be a part of moving them forward academically and impacting their personal lives.” commented Vincent.
One very distinctive aspect to the Education Department at Peace is they were the very first education department in North Carolina to offer a dual license in general education as well as special education. Seven WPU students are currently working to earn their dual license.
“Our dual license program not only prepares future special ed. teachers, but also prepares future elementary teachers to educate students with disabilities in the general education classroom.” adds Assistant Professor of Special Education, Dr. Bock.
Students can begin applying to the education program in the spring after completing and passing all the required Praxis Core tests. These tests are teacher certification exams that are necessary when applying to the program. Students study weeks and months ahead of time to prepare for these tests.
WPU softball player and sophomore, Makenzie Ward, is one step closer to her career of becoming a teacher. After reaching all of the Praxis core requirements, Makenzie is looking forward to applying for the education program in the next few months. She is an elementary education major, and her goal is to teach first or second grade students.  Even with a busy athletic schedule, Makenzie still finds time to work hard for the passion she has working with children.
She talks about her decision to want to become a teacher by saying, “I’ve always wanted to become a teacher, I like the idea of teaching children and forming close relationships with all my future students.”
Whether you’re a freshman or senior going into an education major at Peace, your growth from start to finish is outstanding. The passion from all the future educators is so remarkable. All the education students at this university are going into a profession they truly love and are excited about.
Along with passion that comes from the students, the professors are there to guide you from the very beginning to the very end, you’ll always have a close relationship with them even after you graduate.  

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