Pacer Playlist Week of 02/4/19

Pacer Playlist 02/04/19

We all listen to music in the hallways walking to class, to our rooms, while doing laundry, and as we study in the library. It has always been a vital aspect of culture and with streaming services taking over all different types of music are accessible at any given time. There are not enough hours in the day to listen to all the music in the world.
The Pacer Playlist is a weekly curated playlist featuring the new music that you can jam to at any point of the day. We know how important music is to you (and we also know how annoying listening to the same songs over and over can be) so we strive to find the best new music. Featuring pop, rap. R&B, jazz, and everything else, the Pacer Playlist is one more thing about Peace that makes it “a great day to be a Pacer”.
The Pacer Playlist is curated by WPU junior Ely Murray; a Communications major with a concentration in Public Relations.


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