Super Bowl Recap

The 53rd Super Bowl featured the New England Patriots (11-5) against the Los Angeles Rams (13-3) in Atlanta, Georgia.
The first quarter started with the Patriots having the ball and Tom Brady, the Patriots quarterback, quickly throwing an interception. Brady was obviously upset about the start, but the Rams did not get anything from Brady’s gift.
The Patriots misfortune continued when Gostkowski, the Patriots kicker, missing a close field goal. Luckily for the Patriots, the Rams were struggling to keep possession of the football for too long.
To start the second quarter, Brady threw a long pass to Julian Edelman, Patriots wide receiver, to help Gostkowski nail the 42 yard field goal being the first team on the scoreboard.
Following the field goal, Rams failed to get a pass interference call on a 3rd down bomb by Goff. Many analysts believe this was a bad miss by the refs.
As the second quarter came to an end, the Rams had a great defensive fourth down stop. The Rams got the ball with about a minute left and had a quick 3-and-out. The second quarter ended with a score of 3-0, Patriots.
At half, Brady had 160 passing yards and Goff had 52 passing yards
The Rams came out to start the half with obviously more fire under their belt. Todd Gurley, Rams star running back, did not get many snaps in the first half and came out in the second half with two consecutive snaps. Sadly, Jared Goff did not complete the third down pass in this possession.
Edelman continues to catch passes and gains lots of yards. He had the longest yards yet with 27 yards to start the Patriots first possession in the second quarter.
Sadly, Goff couldn’t seem to catch a break in the back field until finally a good 53 yard field goal by Greg Zuerlein, Rams kicker, who is also referred to “Greg the Leg”.  Continuing the 3rd quarter with 3-3.
This is the first time in history, that either team has yet to score a touchdown in 3 quarters.
The fourth quarter, again, started slow. Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots tight end, helped his team get to the 2nd yard line. This gave an easy line for Sony Michel, Patriots running back, to score an easy touchdown.
Once Goff got the ball back, he quickly made his way down the field to throw an interception at the 4 yard line. This gave the Patriots the ball with 4 minutes remaining.
The Patriots were able to run the clock for the majority of the remaining time, despite some penalties.
At the 1:16, Gostkowski gets his third attempt at a field goal at 41 yards and completes it. This field goal makes the game a two possession game and with 1 minute remaining, it gives the Patriots a clear shot to their 6th Super Bowl win.
Overall, slow start to another great win for the Patriots. The Patriots offensive line, drive to win, and experienced head coach and quarterback are their obvious strengths that helped Tom Brady win his 6th ring.
Many fans were disappointed in the overall game though.
Jason Dudley, William Peace University Senior and Exercise Science Major, explains his thoughts on the game,“The Super Bowl wasn’t that exciting this year, considering it was the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever.”
Final Score:
Patriots: 13
Rams: 3

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