Creative Pursuits at Peace

Game on the computer screen, lots of shrubbery.

William Peace University has a small but quickly growing major called Simulation and Game Design. Students can also focus on Graphic Design which is also heavily involved in game design.
In their junior year of college an SGD major is  expected to take a class entitled Design and Typography 2 which is designed to help students develop professional design skills they could use in their future career paths.
“Even though the class is mandatory it is extremely fun to do,” said William Atkins, a junior at Peace.
An example of an assignment in the class is one where the students are tasked with creating a fictional book and a dust sleeve to go on the book. They must design the dust cover themselves using resources provided by the school.
Some people are taking extreme creative liberties and coming up with crazy ideas with fully formed stories. While some students are taking a more laid back approach and creating more so an autobiography.
It is vital a university has not only educational, but enjoyable courses in college to keep students interested and focused.
The professor of the course, Ana Galizes, is often attributed as the reason why the class is considered laid back and enjoyable. She is not only a graphic designer but also a photographer who specializes in wedding photography.
She is originally from Portugal but now lives in Raleigh running a wedding photography business and teaching design classes here at William Peace.
She is a very welcoming and inclusive person and her wedding photography business is LGBTQ friendly.
Ask your advisor for more information about the simulation and game design major if you are interested in learning more.

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