Music Makes A Change

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Music makes up so much of our life and affects everyone around us. I have loved music for years and it has changed me for better and for worse.
In recent years, there have been many rising music genres that have gone unnoticed in the past. We could take Korean Pop music as an example, also known as K-Pop. This genre has been rising for years in the western market over the past few years.
However, K-Pop has existed for many years and has been popular on a small, local level. Of course, it has become more popular because of mainstream groups that catch the attention of many of us today.
What benefits come from you discovering and listening to more Asian artists?

There is the expansion of understanding and looking at another culture such as their language, but also enjoying the music that they are producing.

Even if you do not understand the language it helps to listen to gain some understanding over time, because it helps your brain to better connect with an unfamiliar language. Also, when it comes to music it is easier to remember lyrics to the song because of the beat along with them.
Speaking from personal experience, I started listening to K-Pop but that changed as time went by. I wanted to expand my horizon to listen to and understand different cultures. I then chose to take on learning Chinese.
At the same time I also began listening to music that was associated with that language and it helped me comprehend the language a little more.
Another benefit to listening to Asian music is that you become more culturally aware and also become more of a well-rounded person. This is because you are immersing yourself into a culture that is not your own.
It also helps to open your mind and experience many other views on different musical styles around the world. This benefits me in many different ways since it also has to do with creating a sense of creativity and inspiration from different cultures that may not be present in our own society.
Expanding our tastes, music or otherwise, helps to break barriers. At times there needs to be a connection between different cultures to create something new that can benefit many people in different parts of the world.
Try listening to some K-Pop today and maybe it will change the way you look at tomorrow.

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