Peace 2020: All Boys

Approximately one month ago a remarkable discovery was made. When digging through old historical letters and documents, it turns out that William Peace University was never meant to be a girl’s school. In an odd moment of clarity, researchers discovered it was “just a case of bad handwriting.” Truly a shocking discovery.
That discovery has to lead us to this weekend where the school board made a historic announcement. To be fair to all boys, since girls have had their turn, William Peace will no longer be a coed school and become an all-boys school for 50 years.
The statement by the school board reads, “Dear students, it has been an incredible time here at William Peace, and we have learned so much about ourselves. Recently we learned something else. While William Peace dedicated to education, made a clerical error, a typo perse, and the school was meant to be all boys. We understand this might be controversial, but following his original wishes, we will go through with the change.”
We spoke to Frank the freshman and Sally the senior to see what they think about these changes. Frank was rather frank in his thoughts, merely stating,” It is like they always say, boys, rule girls drool dudes!” Sally, on the other hand, had mixed feelings. “On one hand, I do not care because I will have graduated. On the other, it seems a little late to change. What will all the girls do now?”
We also reached out for a comment from the school board, but they have not got back to us at this time. Perhaps it was a clerical error on their part.

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