Throwback Tuesday: African American Quiz Bowl

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Black Student Union hosted its second annual Black History Quiz Bowl back in February and the competition was fierce. There were 4 teams: The Justice League led by Professor Cushman, For the Culture led by Professor Xandra Daniels, The Supremes led by Dr. Melomo, and The Oyas led by Professor Meginnis-Payne.
Every member of each team dedicated their time and minds to preparing for this event
Anne Shaw, from the Supremes said, “I studied a Quizlet I made for the sections I was assigned to learn and I quizzed and got quizzed by my team members”.
The first round was between For the Culture and Justice League. Between the two teams going back and forth things were intense asking a series of questions about well known African Americans that paved the way for those living in this day and age. At the end For the Culture won and made it to the next round.
In the second Round, The Supremes battled against The Oyas. Each team was on each other’s heels but the Supremes came out on top. In the crowd, we were joined by President Brian Ralph And Dr. Talika McCoy. Everyone in the crowd was entertained and on the edge of their seat from both rounds from the four teams.
Between breaks BSU had their own free giveaways. A person was drawn from the sign in sheet and had to answer correctly to receive the prize. Three BSU Quiz Bowl Shirts were given away.
In the final round for the Quiz Bowl The Supremes and For the Culture went head to head but in the end, The Supremes Won the final round.
Shaw was ecstatic to be on the winning team.
“It felt really good to win, last year they came in second place and I felt like all the studying paid off,” said Shaw.
Participants and audience members alike agreed the Quiz Bowl’s second time around was a success thanks to BSU!
The Justice League team included Mikayla Johnson-Davis, Jasmine Smith, and Aminah Muhammad. For the Culture included Jaylen Roberts, John Burwell, Alani Rouse, and Ely Murray. The Supremes included Anne Shaw, Re Cross, and Angela Gamble. The Oyas included Natalie Arthur, Renissa Richardson, Deja Gainey, and Kyana Ayscue.

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