A Piece of Prose at Peace: To Be Honest

To Be Honest1 (Demo)

To Be Honest
To be honest this is a conversation in writing. With who you may think? Between me and world no, between me and the reader (you) maybe, between me and whoever wants to listen and do something about this, yes. Now we all have to ask ourselves after situations in life happen that make us change or conflicted, to be honest how do we feel, how do we think, and how do we care about what is going on this moment. Time to start the conversation.  
There is a lot to say in the world that is going on today, that people putting up walls to defend their stay. Then again, someone could say that there is a reason for this, but then another would say it’s just a bunch of…
To be honest people do things that they don’t really love and try to use an excuse as a cover up to see what complaints are just. What do you love in your life? What do you love in society? What do you love in yourself? What do you chase for success? Do you use things to put yourself to the next level above, or do you use people to try to make it and ditch?
To be honest there are a lot of things going on, but if you want to make a change you have to change your song. It’s not always about saying things just to fill up a void with no context because at the end of the day we have to remember that what we say has more impact than thoughts will.
To be honest this is just my opinion, it does not matter what you think because it is my opinion. If you are offended it doesn’t matter because I’m not talking to you before and after. If you get offended because you think I am talking to you, then you have to change not me. This is not to say that I am better than anybody, these are just my thoughts saying what I think is needed for people to be honest. Lies were taught to us since we were kids, and now we get older and don’t believe in…
To be honest the truth is right in our face, but we don’t want to believe it because we rather be safe. Sometimes our cultural conditioning makes us not change how we think.
To be honest sometimes there are not any solutions to any of our problems. A blob of words with no actions just fill up air that people plaster. Putting thoughts in the sky just for others to catch and batter. Otherwise there are a lot of things that we do not have control over, such as the days we live, the days cry, the days we fly, the days we try.
To be honest when things in life don’t go our way or we don’t like how something turned out, we have to deal with what is not what we want it to be. The choice is yours to be honest or not to be honest. As we all know there is a lot going on, but we can only control a minimal percentage of it.
To be honest, be honest besides that’s what makes the world a better place right? To be honest I don’t have the answers, I don’t think I will ever have them I can only offer suggestions.
To be honest…

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