"Hair" Review

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On April 11-14th, William Peace University’s Theatre Department showcased “Hair” the musical for all students, faculty, families, and friends to come relax, laugh, and enjoy. Musical theatre students spent long hours, day and night, since the end of February to rehearse and create the set for this unique production. When watching all the students perform, their passion and love for singing, acting, and dancing was apparent and energizing for the audience.
Other than drawing attention to societal issues in the late 1960’s and demanding peace, freedom, and no more war, the tribe of hippies in this production embraced rock music and themselves as people. Each character felt the need to rebel against the norm during this time period, whether it be through their sexuality or the use of illegal drugs.
WPU Sophomore and musical theatre major, Jesse Farmer, says that since his love for musical theatre began in high school, he has been dying to star in this show. He adds that Hair is so unique and special compared to any other show.
“Shows like Hair bring a group of people together in the most beautiful way. The connections I made in the cast and with the audience is something that can’t be made with any other ordinary show,” said Farmer.
Farmer has taken on many different roles in WPU theatre productions so far. He describes his role as “Woof” in Hair to be, as the most “liberating and therapeutic” role yet. Farmer channeled his character’s energy with ease and was able to freely express his true self.
“My previous roles at WPU were difficult in the sense that I had to figure out who the characters were and express them in the most natural and honest way. With Woof though, I had to make sure I was just bringing my authentic self to the stage because Woof is so much like me,” said Farmer.
WPU freshman and musical theatre major, Alexa Parker, says that starring in Hair was so memorable because “although some characters were named, there is no true star of the show. Hair is all about the cast as a whole and how we bond together.” Parker adds she wanted to star in Hair because her character, Sheila, was strong, independent and compassionate.
With the semester ending, we can’t help but look forward to all the new productions that will be coming to campus in the future. The support and friendships these students have with each other will only add to the enjoyment and teamwork that goes into a show.

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