Sexual Assault Awareness at WPU

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and this is the perfect time to come together and show those that have been silenced that we support and stand with them. Peace will be hosting several events to show support to the victims of Sexual Assault.
In 2001 Sexual Assault Awareness month first began. The teal ribbon was chosen as the symbol as sexual assault awareness and prevention. According to Rainn, in America a person is sexually assaulted every 98 seconds.
One in five women will be sexually assaulted in college while only 4% of men are sexually assaulted as stated by the Do Something Now organization. When sexually assaulted, it is often by someone the victim knows. After being sexually assaulted most victims don’t come forward to report the crime. Most often this is because they fear that they won’t be believed or nothing will be done and they may face retribution.
Some healthy practices of sexuality include consent, intimacy, equality, trust, respect, and safety. If you and another person are about to engage in sexual acts always make sure that you both are clear on consent and understand what each other wants and the persons boundaries.
Studies show when a victim discloses information about their experience of sexual assault and receive empathy, feels like their believed, respected, and valued they are less likely to experience depression, anxiety, or PTSD.
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Peace will be hosting different events in support of sexual assault awareness month.
The next event we have is “I Ask… for Consent” 101, this event is a workshop that focuses on understanding consent while also understanding WPU’s own definition of consent. Smashed Waffles will also be served during the workshop on April 22nd from 7pm-9pm in Main Parlor.
There are resources on campus that you can use if you have been sexually assaulted or know someone that has been and is scared to come forward. There are confidential resources on campus such as Joyner House and the University Chaplin this is located at Main 220. You can also contact Interact/Solace Center at (919)828-3067 for additional support.
To file a complaint on campus Bobbie Cole is the WPU Deputy Title IX Coordinator and Kathy Lambert is the WPU Title IX Coordinator. You can contact Bobbie at and (919)508-2078, and Kathy at and (919)508-2028.

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