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Full Frame Fest movie entrance

The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival is an annual international event dedicated to the theatrical exhibition of nonfiction cinema. Each spring, Full Frame welcomes filmmakers and film lovers from around the world to historic downtown Durham for a four-day, morning-to-midnight array of nearly 100 films, as well as discussions, panels, and Southern hospitality.  
William Peace University offers a special one-credit course in the spring that allows students to attend the festival. Although COM 108 is targeted for communication majors, anyone is welcome to take the course.
There are a wide variety of genres to choose from so there is no need to worry about limited options. This year for example, there were documentaries covering animals, politics, poetry, music, history, relationships and so much more. This makes the festival all that more interesting because there is so much to explore.
“The Full Frame event can feel like a long weekend, but it’s worth every second,” said Coleman Arehart, senior at WPU who attended the festival. “Sitting through film after film becomes worth it when you can hear from the filmmakers and characters themselves.”
“Hearing their words and seeing their passion can push your own personal reflection to the next level. If you go into Full Frame with an open mind, you will come out as a better person.”
Typically once the documentary is over, the director, editor, producer or a special guest will host a Q & A. This allows students a chance to participate as well as learn very valuable information about the efforts of making a film.
Viewers can also participate in the event by filling out ballots and surveys. The festival wants feedback on what people think of the films, and therefore people vote on a scale of one to five with their opinion of the film with five being the best.
On the final day of the festival all the ballots have been calculated to award winners on their film. Some of the categories that directors can be nominated for are best short film, feature film, environmental award, and emerging artist award.
The winners of the awards have their films featured for the second time during the festival on the final day. These special sessions are referred to as encore screenings. This gives attendees a chance to experience the best voted films from the event.
Located in the heart of downtown Durham, the festival is a perfect place for exploring. Although the convention center offers food, drinks, and snacks, there are many great places to dine within walking distance. Whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there are unlimited options for everyone. Food trucks are set up daily around the block to add to the variety.
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