Females in Game Design

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When it comes to gaming, you usually see a male sitting in a dim lit room yelling at a tv and only focusing on what’s in front of them and nothing else. When looking into games and how they are made, people are usually not represented correctly in and outside of the game itself.
Females are also included in this prism when it comes to gaming but we are usually thought about last in the process. When you hear about women in games they are usually ovesexualized and made the damsel in distress, always needing help from a strong male lead.
The sexualizatuion of women is very real when it comes to gaming but what is most appalling is that when it comes to gaming, women are usually the least represented in the percentage of developers that develop and design the games.
That has, however, grown over the years but at times it still goes back to how they are not as represented as they need to be for true equality. Developers are usually represented by men since men represent power and brains in a cultural narrative that women aren’t usually represented in.
Being in my major Simulation and Game Design I have come to understand that there are not many females going into the major and that their role is underappreciated.
Game Design is a form of art that offers more to the world and an opportunity to share your creative style and message with the world. Of course, many people just see games as toys but games fundamentally mean something to the developers who pour passion into their projects.
Games are created with reason behind them and messages that sometimes have no other way of being portrayed. Rather it be a game about building or a first person shooter, all games have some kind of hidden message.
What goes into account with some games is that there are different experiences that people share to the world that may not have been conveyed before. Take perspectives, for example, men and women experience many different things than the opposite gender, and that comes into account when they have different perspectives that can only be understood by them and portrayed the correct way.
Correctly portraying anyone should always be taken into account because no one wants to be misrepresented. When it comes to anything that is released, especially games, representation is the key.

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