Grateful for Peace Friendships

Friends gathering for a picture together on the last day of class

When I came to William Peace University, I was in-between my freshman and sophomore year. I remember Peace president, Dr. Brian Ralph challenging us at orientation to make at least 3 friends because that would allow us to feel more connected and engage more within the college experience.
It may not have been in my first semester, but I was lucky to gain such strong friendships at Peace. I naturally had more friends who were sophomores than freshman because of the classes I was in, which means a lot of my friends are graduating on Saturday. 
During this phase in our life that is called our college journey, especially at a smaller school, we quickly form a routine and see the same people every day. We go to our classes and by the second week of a new semester, we know who has already claimed what chair in each class and know everyone by name.
We walk around campus and talk to people as we pass by while trying to not be late to class, go to different places around campus and meet and have conversations with new people in between classes, have inside jokes with each other and we think of it when trying to be serious during class, and have vent sessions about all the stress we have when it is exam time. But what do we do when the people we used to do all these things with are gone?
We are used to seeing these students around all the time, some of which I have looked up to since my first semester at Peace, and wonder what it is going to be like for the rest of the time at Peace without seeing them around campus.
With it being graduation week, I cannot help but think back to when I first met that person who I quickly became friends with and who is now graduating. What class we were in together that started our friendship, the memories we made on and off campus, and the countless assignments, projects, and studying we did together.
We are so busy at the end of each semester, we tend to not take a moment to think about how much we cherish friendships that have been made at Peace. I always told myself that I would not let friendships gradually disappear because of not seeing each other everyday, but sometimes life gets chaotic and the people you were always around are no longer around as much.
To the seniors who I have been lucky enough to be around since my first semester at Peace, I am grateful for all of you and I am so excited to see you all walk across the stage Saturday morning. You all are going to continue to accomplish so much and I cannot wait to see you bloom into the next phase of life.

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