Welcome Back Comedy Show

CAB takes picture with Comedian Jesimae Peluso

William Peace University’s annual Welcome Back Comedy Show featured comedian Jessimae Peluso, who made some personable yet hilarious jokes to a crowd of students and faculty at the end of Welcome Week 2019.
Peluso’s background includes appearances on MTV’s “Girl Code” and “Safe Word”, TBS’s “Deal With It”, NBC’s “Last cAll w/ Carson Daly”, E!’s “Chelsea Lately, ”Vh1’s “hip Hop Squares”, AXS’ “Gotham Live”, TruTV’s “Comedy Knockout”, Comedy Central’s “@Midnight.”
“I loved being on MTV’s GirlCode,” said Peluso. “It was one of the first big shows that I did, it introduced me to life long friends, it taught me discipline, taught me how to write jokes on the fly, it was a great show and it gave me a platform to be able to speak my truth and sort of do comedy that makes me laugh.”
The event, hosted by the Campus Activities Board (CAB), took place on Aug. 22 in Kenan Hall and included free WPU swag, food, drinks, and a chance to win AirPods. At the end of show, Peluso spoke about her family, her inspirations, her experience as a performer, and her upcoming comedy special in a Q&A session.
“I’ve been doing standup for almost 20 years, and what got me into it was entertaining. I was always an entertainer,” said Peluso. “ [When I was little] my sister would tell me to go into the closet and I would go and just kinda like put one of each thing I could find in a hurry on and I’d come out and I would just be like this crazy closet woman and would make my sister laugh. That was my first time performing and here I am…It’s that easy”. 
This upcoming year, Peluso has a comedy special that will be released. She didn’t give much detail about the special and when it will be released, but she did give some background on what the title of it will be and why it means so much to her. 
”My father was at my show and my boyfriend at the time was recording my father as we were driving home …giving me critiques and telling me what to do better and he gave me the title of my special,” she said, adding that she could keep the name a secret. “I didn’t realize it then but these past couple years I have been gearing up to film something and I was like ‘What am I going to call it? What am I?’ and my dad said it, and I have the title, and I’m not going to tell you guys, but when it comes out you’ll know what it is and you’ll know the personal story.”
Not only is Peluso a hilarious comedian, but she is also very inspiring and a great role model for students when it comes to following their dreams. She takes inspiration from Robin Williams, who happens to also be a great role model for dreamers.  
“Robin was pure magic…and he said something that I think about often,” said Peluso. “He said, ‘You only have a little bit of spark in this life and you mustn’t lose it.’ And I think that is a very important thing to remember is that you have this short time…a blip in the big picture of existence and you got to do what you want to do…We got this little bit of magic. Don’t lose it. Don’t waste it.”
Peluso was engaging and personable, said Chelsea Hayes, assistant director of student involvement 
“She was extremely funny and connected with our students from the time she stepped foot on stage,” said Hayes.“Students were able to hear an awesome comedian after a busy first week, participate in a giveaway, pick up some food and snag a really cool Welcome Week t-shirt.” 

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