Peace Talks Gears Up for a New Semester

The Peace Talks podcast is back stronger than ever with new topics, hosts, and equipment, so get ready for discussions about anything and everything. 
The Peace Talks podcast discusses topics related to the Peace community and other discussions that the podcast hosts are dealing with within that week. Whether it’s talking about classes, events, college life, or trends, Peace Talks has everything for you. 
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This is also a time to release stress and have an outlet for us to talk away from class settings. We would love to have the Peace community more involved with our podcasts. We have Q&A episodes where faculty, staff, professors, students, and campus leaders come in to talk with us, which is so fun and educational to learn more about the things going on on campus.
Other than our episodes we record, we also do live podcasts during campus events and will occasionally do a live podcast panel. 
Peace Pop is another podcast within Peace Talks that discusses topics outside of the Peace community, such as pop culture, TV shows, and entertainment. During Peace Pop, we typically talk about the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor In Paradise, Target runs, and more life talk that students can usually relate to.
If you would like to be on the podcast for an episode or more, feel free to reach out to Alex Garrison or Caitlin Richards Episodes are available to listen to on  iTunes, Spotify, and Anchor or check us out on .

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