Studying for Success: Tips to Improve Your Study Habits

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The life of a college student can be quite busy, constantly needing to complete homework assignments and maintain good grades. Having to juggle multiple classes a day, some wonder how students make time to study for each of them. Fortunately, William Peace University provides numerous resources for students to blossom.
Peace’s Center for Student Success is an ideal place for students to complete their studies. Located on the second floor of the Lucy Cooper Finch library, students come here to study, seek tutoring for classes they are struggling in, and attend advising for classes.
In addition to one-on-one tutoring sessions provided by library staff, students can find a wealth of studying tips and testing advice on the school’s website. Among the tips advised include studying with a group of friends, studying one week prior to a test or exam, and taking notes during class.
“Friends can help you concentrate on studying,” says Peace freshman Rita Schrader. She also recommends that students should develop the habit of putting their phones away in order to further concentrate on studying.
Along with many students, Schrader finds that constant phone usage creates a distraction in her study time. Some concentrate by putting their phones away, while others, such as freshman Alex Hernandez find them quite useful.
“Sometimes, I listen to music when I study because it’s peaceful to me,” says Hernandez.
While some students believe use listening to music to distract them from the stress of studying, others such as senior Keaton Joyce, believe it aids their concentration.
“Listening to music helps me tune out stuff going on in the background,” says Joyce. “Then, I can concentrate on my studying.”
In addition to remaining focused on studying for tests and exams, the Center for Success recommends spending a sufficient amount of time studying. Students such as senior Michael McHale spend at least one hour studying for each of his classes.
“It’s always good to have a plan when you’re studying, deciding which subjects you’re going to study first and focus on that,” says McHale.
His biggest struggles being with math class, McHale put all of his concentration on making sure he understands the content. By attending tutoring sessions at the Center for Student Success, he was able to improve his grade in math class to a B.
Students can also improve their grades by attending the office hours specified by their respective professors, provided that they are available to talk to them. Otherwise, some have found that merely speaking to their fellow students can help them 
“I think that talking to your friends and classmates can help you do better in your classes,” says junior Sydney Austin. “To me, at least, if you teach the subject, you might end up liking it.”
As Peace continues to improve itself for both current and future students, only one aspect will remain the same for years to come: its desire to help students succeed in all of their classes in any method possible.

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