4 Fang-tasticly Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for College Students on a Budget!

Spooky season is finally here and the crunch time for finding the perfect costume is drawing near. The only problem is when you finally find that perfect costume your wallet doesn’t seem to agree.
Finding that perfect costume on a college student budget seems almost near impossible, but the materials for making your perfect Halloween costume that won’t break your budget are all around you. Easy, cheap, and on a budget, here are 5 Halloween costumes that are sure to be a big scare around campus!
Black Cat
Probably one of the most universal and easy Halloween costumes, you are sure to have a few cross your path this Halloween season.
An old black cardigan, leggings or black pants, and an old sweater or shirt are easy to find in your closet or borrow from a friend. The only thing left to pull this costume together is a set of ears, a tail, and whiskers to pull together the whole costume.
If you can’t find a cheap pair of ears or tail its an easy fix to finish off your costume. An old black belt can be tied around the back of your belt loop for a long cat-like tail and a headband with cutout, homemade ears are the finishing touches for your unlucky black cat.
Being a vampire may seem a bit overplayed and expensive, but with the production of Dracula by the William Peace Theatre Company, it is only fitting that vampires should be out roaming around campus this year.
Vampires seem like they would be more expensive and harder to make on a budget, but it can be as simple as grabbing a blanket for a simple cape and borrowing some makeup from a friend.
Making the teeth may be a little more difficult so finding a pair at a dollar store may be the best option, but for students that want to go all out making them it can be a rewarding and fun experience.
The cheapest and easiest way to DIY your fangs would be to buy some fake nails that you can shape to your liking and grabbing a tube of denture glue to ensure your fangs stay in place. The process may take a while, but it will be well worth the wait, even if it may have drove you a little batty.
One of the easiest and less time consuming of all the costumes on this list, becoming a spooky ghost can be the most rewarding and head turning costume.
If you have an old sheet lying around you can make a traditional ghost costume with cutting out some eye holes and throwing it over your head. Not only will you be able to have your costume finished early, you’ll be able to spook your friends on campus around every corner.
If you prefer not to walk around in a sheet, a more modern and less traditional ghost could be more up your alley and you can even wear and customize your outfit for the day, without having to worry about tripping over your feet as you scare your friends.
Being a more modern ghost with a bit of dark makeup can make you look like a spirit that haunts the halls of Peace.
When was the last time you saw a mummy walking around on Halloween night? Well, why not be a walking corpse this year without all of the expensive makeup and special effects makeup.
Being a mummy is a quick and cheap costume that can be made in less than ten minutes. The morning of classes on Halloween you may have completely forgotten to plan out your costume you can wrap yourself up in toilet paper or find an old shirt you can cut up, you’ll have a costume that is sure to turn heads as you shuffle your way to your next class.
All of these costumes can be made on a budget and easy for any busy college student to throw together. Whether you’re a sly black cat, scary vampire, haunting ghost, or shuffling mummy, you’ll have a blast livening up campus and getting a few good laughs this Halloween season!
Show your DIY costume at the Halloween bash this Thursday in Main at 7 pm! 

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