8 Reasons Why Big Ed’s is the Best Restaurant in North Carolina


Big Eds was featured in a story on ABC 11 about their new opening in Garner, NC. Here, I will talk about seven reasons that Big Eds is one of the best restaurants in North Carolina, but first here is some information about the establishment. 
According to bigedsnc.com Big Eds was founded by Ed Watkins in 1958. Ed developed the recipes in his restaurants from helping his mom out in the kitchen to prepare meals for other farm workers. In 1989, Ed officially opened in Downtown’s City Market; after about 30 years, in the summer of 2015, he decided to open another location in North Raleigh, 5009 Falls of Neuse Rd, in the Quail Corners Shopping Center.
The Food
Big Ed’s is a southern filled, soul food, fat filling, country fried restaurant that has all types of great food from thick and fluffy biscuits, catfish, pork chops, corned beef hash, French toast, steak, eggs, sausage, fatback, ham, and a lot more. Big Ed’s selection of food provides a lot of variety from breakfast to dinner that can make anyone pleased to have a great meal from this establishment.
Great Reputation
The only way that a restaurant can become and stay popular is they must have a great reputation and the way that Big Eds is talked about as one of the restaurants in town, is a great example of this. Every time that me and my family go to Big Ed’s, there is always a line, and people don’t mind waiting to eat there either. The food as always come out in a timely fashion, the restaurant looks clean, and the staff shows that southern hospitality that everyone loves. 
Ingrid Davis, who works for the North Carolina Board of Barber Examiners, is a loyal customer that has been going to this location since it opened, says one reason that she loves Big Ed’s is, “I haven’t had any bad experiences with them.”  
“I like good food…when it tastes like what I use to have when I was home growing up,” says Davis. 
And when her friends come from out of town, she always recommends Big Ed’s because, “it’s a restaurant that has very good food and I think there is always something there, that everybody will be able to enjoy eating.”
Embodies North Carolina
The heart and soul of North Carolina lives inside Big Ed’s. There are all types of people from different ages and races that go out to eat at Big Ed’s. When you first walk in the door and you look at to the right on the wall, you see that there is a Carolina Panthers Stephen Curry jersey hanging on the wall in a picture frame. Also, the staff can wear their team jerseys that they support when it is game day. For example, you will see the staff wearing Carolina Hurricanes, UNC, NC State, and other teams that they support also.
Great Staff
Me and my family go to the location in North Raleigh and since that place opened the same staff that we first saw is still there with a few new additions here and there. 
The Big Pancakes
Big Ed’s has the biggest pancakes available in the North Carolina area. Also, there is a challenge of eating three of these jumbo pancakes in 45 minutes, without sharing.
I completed this challenge, when I first ate at the North Raleigh location, but after I did it, I didn’t eat another pancake for three months. 
Free Desserts 
If you happen to come during at certain time the crew a Big Ed’s gives away a selection of free desserts that they have made, but they’re trying to get rid of.
When you first walk in the restaurant you feel like you’re in the south (you’re at home). The old tables, each table have their own space, people are nice, and waitresses interact with you and really want you to have a good time while your there.
Big Ed’s has some of the best prices for breakfast around North Carolina. For example, $7.59 for “Two Eggs with Meat,” $8.79 for “Bacon and Cheddar Omelette,” $8.99 for a “Ribeye Steak,” $11.09 for “Fried Catfish with 1 Hot Cake or French Toast,” and more.
Compared to other restaurants around North Carolina, Big Ed’s prices stands out. For example, S&D Brewed Coffee at Big Ed’s is $1.69 and Coffee at IHOP is $1.99. $8.99 for a Ribeye Steak at Big Ed’s and $29.95 for a Ribeye Steak with Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes at “The Cheesecake Factory.”
So, if you are in Raleigh, North Carolina, and you are tired of fast food restaurants and below average dining, then you need to go to Big Ed’s, because it is one of the best restaurants in North Carolina.

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