An Explosive New Anime Movie

Explosion! The latest installment of the Konosuba anime hits theatres tomorrow, Nov 12.
God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World, more commonly known as Konosuba, has its movie coming to the U.S. The movie will pick up where the anime ended. It’s covering the next story arc of the novel, which focuses on everyone’s favorite explosion girl: Megumin.
Konosuba is a fantasy comedy anime adapted from the novel with the same name. It follows Kazuma, an average highschool kid, who died in the most ridiculous way and was sent to a fantasy world. There he accidentally formed a party of a bunch of completely useless members.
Said party members include: Aqua, a goddess who can do party tricks; Megumin, a mage who only uses explosion magic and Darkness, a paladin who can’t hit anything.Together they find themselves in many insane situations. Most of the time, they’re world threatening and they almost always end up inconveniencing the group in some way. 
Whether it be the group becomes financially crippled or Kazuma dies temporarily; something always inconveniences them. Both the situations they find themselves in and the results thereafter are always extremely hilarious. This is mostly due to the absurdity of it all.
For the movie, the Konosuba crew will be traveling to Megumin’s hometown. There they’ll learn more about her life growing up. We might even learn where she learned her infamous explosion magic.
Whenever the gang is involved, there’s bound to be many insane shenanigans, ridiculous situations and explosions. As it will focus more on the explosion mage herself; there’s going to be even more massive explosions.
The movie will be playing in select cinemas on Nov 12; tickets are available through You can find out where it’s playing through the site as well.
If it does well in theatres in the US there might be another showing on a later date. So check out the anime to see if you enjoy it and give the movie a watch as well.
You can watch the regular Konosuba anime on: Netflix, Crunchyroll, Vrv and other streaming services. The movie will likely be available on DVD and Blu Ray a few months after its debut.

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