Peace student decks the halls with acts of kindness


By Shannon Turner

Taylor Schramm, a sophomore at William Peace University, passed out goodies she bought for students as a random act of kindness this week during finals.

Schramm had a laundry basket filled with pens, bags of candy, tumblers, socks, giant chocolate bars, and a whole lot of good vibes.  She did so to give back to the community by showing support through finals season and spreading joy for the holidays.

“I’ve always been a people person, and I am always about giving back.  Especially Christmas time, it’s about spreading the joy so I wanted to do something special for people around campus,” she said.  “Although this was only a small random act of kindness, I know I touched many people on campus, and that’s exactly what I went for.”   
She gave gifts out to students, as well as faculty, professors, and maintenance crews. Giving has always been a part of her, and it is something she strives to do every day.  ‘Taylor with the gifts’ spread quickly, and students began swarming toward her. She shared that it was a heartwarming experience and the students were grateful to get something.

My name was quick to get around campus and students came and found me in my classes and got their gift,” she said. “Every single person I gave to was very grateful and thankful. Some…were even in shock.”

This is the third basket for random acts of kindness.  She has reached about 250 students so far. She hopes to continue this next semester and beyond, potentially on a larger scale through on-campus partnerships.

I truly enjoyed giving back to students at Peace, estimating around 250 students. When doing random acts of kindness, I never expect anything back. At the end of the day knowing I made a difference is what I live for,” said Schramm.

Alyssa Crowder, sophomore business analytics major, shared how she felt getting a gift form Schramm’s basket.  “It felt amazing,” she said.  “My day got so much better. Shoutout to Taylor for getting me through.”    

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