A Thank You From the Editor-in-Chief


By Caitlin Richards

I had the honor of being the Editor-in-Chief to a strong group of writers this past semester. 
When I started in this role, I was so excited. I had looked up to past Editor-in-Chiefs that helped me through The Peace Times and I was thrilled that I could provide the same.

As you might have read in my first Editor-in-Chief note at the beginning of the semester, it’s safe to say that I have always had a love for writing and fit right in with The Peace Times. I wanted others to also feel just as welcomed within this class.

What I didn’t know would happen while being the Editor-in-Chief were the connections that were built with other staff members and editors. Not only were connections built through talking about stories, but also about what was going on in our everyday life.

Sometimes all you need is someone to talk to. While The Peace Times remains productive during our 50 minutes of class time, it was helpful to check in with each other as well.

The Peace Times was filled with both new and returning staff. I had the opportunity to edit stories and provide feedback and I couldn’t help but notice how great of a group The Peace Times really is.

Some students didn’t have a writing background and yet their stories were descriptive, factual, and captivating along with holding the AP style writing standards.

I have always loved being a writer and editor working within a group, but being in this leadership role was more rewarding than I could have imagined.

No matter if it was for writing stories for online or the once-a-semester print edition, The Peace Times staff contributed so much within this semester and their work didn’t go unnoticed.

I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to hold the Editor-in-Chief role and can’t thank The Peace Times staff enough for making it a great experience.

And thank you to the ones who continue to support the university’s newspaper.

Be sure to grab a print edition if you haven’t already before leaving for winter break!

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