Why Cultural Events Should Happen More Often


By Nakyia Taylor

Before the start of spring break, the William Peace University Pacer Commons was filled with students and faculty, under a common pretense to celebrate black culture.

As Black History Month came to an end, WPU hosted Black Karaoke. I attended this event as well on Feb. 27. Though I had been busy, I was really excited to be a part of the celebration. As a Black American, being a part of it has influenced my choice for attending certain events.

As for me, I have always had an appreciation for Black American culture, whether it’s music, hair or clothing. For example, art shows of black artists, supporting black owned companies and appreciating Black American existence.
I have also immersed myself in other cultures by attending cultural events such as the ones I listed, but of different races. I believe it’s important to explore culture in order to have respect for my peers and environment.

“I think this event is important because it is a good ending to Black History Month. It’s also a good way to have everyone learn more about black culture as a whole. And just a time for everyone to enjoy each other, laugh, sing and have a good time,” said WPU student, Victoria Mims.

Mims along with Christian Langley and Stephanie Reed of WPU’s Department of Diversity and Inclusion lead the preparation for the event. 
Student selections ranged from Bobby Brown to Drake to Lauryn Hill and John Legend. Many students put forth their talents and contributed to the energy of the night.

I opted not to sing mostly because people wouldn’t know the songs I’d choose. The whole evening reminded me of sort of a family cookout. People were excited and enjoyed their friends and the atmosphere.
“I hope students learn more about black culture and add more diversity and inclusion in their lives,” said Mims.

Discrimination against people of different races remains a problem in daily life. Therefore, celebration for culture including Black, Hispanic, Asian etc. should be of importance in our school and community.

“Every culture is important because we have different ways of doing things. Black culture, in particular, is important because we add a different flare to everything,” said Mims.

At Black Karaoke, there was a sense of the importance of the individual and togetherness. The individual had chosen a song and the crowd would know and sing along with that song. The energy had increased through every performance, every sway and every beat. Students seemed to enjoy it with smiles on their faces and dancing along.

“I hope students know that it is ok to relax and have fun in college,” said Mims.
Students at WPU had many opportunities to enjoy themselves and for the future, it would be special to continue these events and celebrate culture at the same time.

“We have to all learn how to unify. We can’t all do that without understanding each other and each other’s culture and background,” said Mims.
Black Karaoke in Pacer Commons during Black History Month

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