Pets that are keeping people company


By Shannon Turner

While social distancing is keeping us safe, it’s also keeping us away from our friends.  Luckily, a man’s best friend and other fur pals don’t have to be banned from the house.  Here’s just some of the pets that are keeping WPU students company.

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Amanda Hanson, senior sport and fitness studies major, has three new baby chicks, and a dog, Waylon. The chicks are Omelet, Chicken Nugget, and Salmon Ella.  They were also purchased during quarantine.

Cheyanne Coleburn, senior communication major, has three dogs, Grace, Hope, and Nala.

Katelyn Boutillier, senior biology major, has Obi the dog, and Mr. Chops the hamster.

Nolan Davis, junior public relations major, has a dog named Houston.

“That way when he does something wrong we can say, “Houston, we have a problem, said Davis.

Steven Wiggley, senior business major, has a snake named Julia Squeezer, and a cat named Cashmere.

Deja Gainey, double major in political science and global studies, has Cameron the cat.

Noah Carter, senior business major, has a dog named Max.  He has two different personalities.

Will Hall, senior communications major, has three dogs.

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