Positivity in Corona: Looking at the Bright Side

By Victoria Mims

Coronavirus has been all that’s been talked about in the news, on social media, and even makes its way into personal convos.  It’s as if there’s nothing else going on in the world; All there is is corona. Times have been extremely tough and everyone’s wondering when is all of this going to end? When will everything just go back to normal?

No one has answers, all we can do is live in the now. That can be hard, really hard, especially for those people who have lost jobs, money, and pretty much everything normal due to this crisis. As hard as things are right now for people, emotionally and physically, there are some positive things to take out of all this.

Due to not being able to leave the house much because the virus spreads rapidly, this has led people to saving more money, spending time with family, and doing some self-discovery.

Let’s start off with saving money.
Most restaurants/fast food places are on a different time system than they were before, and people are just trying to avoid going out and catching more germs in general. Therefore, it’s easier to go to the grocery store, get your own food and make it, especially since you know who the person is behind the frying pan.

Also, as a tip, this could be a great bonding experience for families to cook new recipes together or just come together as a unit at the dinner table.

Saving money during this time just doesn’t have to do with restaurants/fast food places, but also many other stores. People are either moving to online shopping right now or buying essential stuff they need such as toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning things.

Next off, we are spending more time than probably ever before with family.
This could either be a good or bad thing for some people. Relationships right now could either grow stronger or have a dent due to being around each other constantly.

With no places to go and nothing really to do, we’re spending time watching TV, playing games, or doing whatever our hearts desire with our family. I know it can be really frustrating after a while for some people being stuck inside and cooped up, but just think of it being a once in a lifetime thing.  Tomorrow’s not promised, especially during this time, so we have to make the most of the time we have with those around us.
Last but not least, doing some self-discovery.
This is the best time of all times to figure out more about yourself and maybe start doing some things you wanted to do before but never got around to doing, or maybe even start a new hobby! Just like spending time with family, this time can get really boring.  Coming up with new things to do or improve on is a good way to pass time when you’re not busy with schoolwork.

Overall, this crisis has had a toll on everyone in some way. I know it’s easier said than done, but I believe there is some good that comes out of all of this and these are a few of the good things. So save your money, spend time with family, and do some self-discovery. It’s now or never.

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