People At Work: Delivery Service Workers


By Karla Gomez

People throughout the country are relying on essential businesses to deliver food and general household goods due to the fact that many are staying home because of COVID-19.

While some people choose to go out to obtain their necessary items, others are staying home indefinitely until things go back to normal and for that reason, right now is when delivery service workers are most needed.

“My work days have increased from 5 to 6 days a week and I usually work 9 to 10 hours a day,” said Vivian Serrano, a delivery service worker. “My job is very strict about the 6 feet apart rule while being around people, and has placed tape on the floor of the warehouse where we have to get our packages from before delivery.”

Apart from the new safety measure that Serrano’s job has taken, Serrano has also received a pay increase from her company for working during the pandemic. However, not everyone is as fortunate with their work situations as Serrano.

A food delivery driver who chose to remain anonymous, shares his experience on how the virus has changed his workload.

“I’m a delivery driver and my job mainly consists of food delivery and help with food prep. Many of my coworkers are refusing to come to work due to the virus and I have to work more hours to make up for them. Our store now does contactless deliveries and we sanitize the entire store more frequently, other than that nothing has changed.”

The increase of work is changing the way that he and his coworkers are thinking about their workplace during the pandemic.

“I believe that the company I work for should offer hazard pay while working during a lockdown,” he said. “All I can really say to the public is to stay safe and healthy and remember that the people that are still working are doing their best to keep up.”

Throughout the country many had to adjust to new ways of working, either from home or working longer hours at their essential businesses. Even though many may not be going out of the house as much, others have to be out and on the move in order to earn their pay.

“Remember that we are working for you, doing long hours and putting ourselves at risk and so my best advice to others is to stay home as much as possible,” said Serrano.

Picture provided by Vivian Serrano

Delivery service worker, Vivian Serrano

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