How Online Classes Effect Households


By Nakyia Taylor

People everywhere are waking up and staying home. While school and nonessential jobs are offering no structure, focus has shifted to internet connection. Every house is not equipped with wifi, but assignments are still stacking up. All students who have already made the switch to online are facing their own difficulties, even with a source for the internet.

Inconsistent tower frequencies are causing pauses in hotspot connections, internet companies are taking precautions against Covid-19 and public spaces with wifi are closing their doors. Students are put into situations where turning in classwork becomes dependent on luck.

As for Nalaysia Taylor, a freshman in high school, her wifi connection was cut shortly after the closing of schools.

“Parents and families with differences in socioeconomic status, unstable internet connection and lack of resources is causing more stress in addition to the threat of the virus,” said Taylor.

She also expresses worry over younger children being home. Parents who work have to find someone to care for their children and also make sure they are actively participating in their online duties.

There is also a question involving how well smaller children are adjusting to school being at home. Online courses are difficult for any age group due to focus issues and the appearance of a resting environment.

“There is no way smaller children can learn efficiently online unless taught how to use computers,” said Courtney Gooding, aunt of three children.

Gooding also mentions the greater risk for distractions due to the mixing of environments. She herself, finds it hard to focus because of the children’s presence at home than in school. 

“Doing homework at home is hard because of my own poor focus, lack of structure and the increase of opportunity for distraction,” said Taylor. 

In addition to focus issues, there has been a greater use of video chat apps to provide structure and combat social distancing guidelines. It can also be used as a means for taking attendance. Other students are facing issues dealing with contacting instructors and their performance in general.

“I feel like the semester is going to be a lot harder now because I can’t get that face to face help with my professors that I need,” said Aria Toride, a political science major.

Online teaching is coming in many forms; discussion boards, course apps and pre-recorded videos each with their own difficulties. Wifi connection requirements are also causing stress.
In addition to making wifi accommodations, pets are also making adjustments. Family members are more likely to be at home, so pets everywhere are also adapting their own schedules. The increase in attention is in some ways good for pets. 

“Since my mom has been home, my dog has been less likely to hang out with me and gives me barely enough attention unlike my mom,” said Madeline Arrieta, local pet owner.

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