Peace grants Pass/Fail

By Anne Evans

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, students at universities all around the country were forced to finish their courses this semester online. At William Peace University, many students voiced their concerns and issues to faculty and administration.

On Monday April 6, William Peace University announced that a pass/fail policy will be an option for the Spring 2020 semester. 

In addition to pass/fail, WPU is also giving an extension date to turn in late assignments. The date set is September 30, 2020.

“This pandemic has caused immeasurable amounts of stress for students.” said Skylar Conklin, junior at Peace. “The pass/fail policy has reduced this amount of stress immensely.”

However, this policy comes with stipulations. In order to make Dean’s List Recognition for spring semester, students must earn the minimum GPA requirements, and have earned a minimum of 12 credits with a letter grade (not pass/fail).

Passing grades will be grades of A, B, C, or D. Passing grades will be marked as “P” on students transcripts and will not affect students’ GPA. If a course taken is a prerequisite for another course, the final letter grade will determine if the student may advance to the next course.  Students can opt to keep their classes and grades as planned.

“A lot of students I know have been struggling with their classes since quarantine,” said Alec Brooks, sophomore at Peace. “The pass/fail option is going to make things a lot easier on us during these hard times.”

If you are considering the pass/fail option, it is encouraged that you talk with your academic advisor, faculty, and others to determine the best options. It must also be noted that some courses will not take pass/fail.

Requests for pass/fail must be received by the registrar’s office by April 22nd, 2020.

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