UK Quarantine: How To Pass The Time

England resident and his dog outside during quarantine

By Karla Gomez

It’s been several weeks now since many parts of the world have been going through quarantine. People’s experiences through COVID-19 are different around the world. One thing that people have in common are ways to pass time.

“The situation is a bit hairy here in the UK, the possible peak may be happening soon,” said Liam Rowan, a Manchester resident.

“People are still out and about, but fewer than usual. Some people are starting to take the lockdown more seriously. It was only this week that my grandmother who is vulnerable finally was convinced to stay indoors and get stuff delivered to her instead of going herself,” said Rowan.

The UK is still in lockdown and as of most recent news, there is a lot of speculation on the actual end date of the stay-home order. Meanwhile, many will be remaining to stay home and pass the time until the stay-home order is lifted.

“To pass the time here I try to talk to people online instead of in person, play video games or join online show-watching parties so much so that the EU had to ask Netflix to temporarily remove HD options so the internet wouldn’t break across the continent,” said Rowan.

Rowan also states that he also does physical exercises and spends time outside in his house’s garden. Many people have resorted to growing their own food and flowers as a stay-at-home activity and Rowan plans to do that eventually.

England resident with his dog
Pictures provided by Liam Rowan

“There’s also the clapping every Thursday that brings people together in a sense, but even that has turmoil since nurses here are saying that they want better protection and pay rises, not applause since nurses are expected to do even more than usual,” said Rowan.

Rowan shares his opinion on how the previous program cuts to the UK’s healthcare system, the NHS, have cost lives. Rowan also believes that there is still a lack of personal protective equipment for nurses on the front lines and has caused many citizens to contract the virus.

“Some mutual acquaintances were even told to use bin bags (trash bags) to cover their faces. When [higher officials] were asked about raising wages for NHS workers, one of the heads of government said ‘lets not politicize this virus,’ which I and many other people find disgusting,” said Rowan.

Apart from Rowan’s strong opinions regarding better protections for healthcare workers, he plans to keep doing his part by staying home and only going out whenever truly needed.

“One of the other ways I have been passing time is listening to podcasts, writing to pen pals using the app Slowly, and listening to audiobooks. People have also tried learning new skills,” said Rowan.

Many people like Rowan are hopeful that this situation passes and people can go back to their regular normal.

“I’m hopeful that we can go back to our usual normal, but for now I’ll be staying home watching Netflix with Zeus.” 

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