A dark cloud of covid with the thinnest silver lining

dark clouds (Demo)

By Marketta Bennett

Coronavirus has impacted nearly every family in the world in some way.  It has brought sickness, distance, hunger, unemployment, and so much death.

Nothing will mend the broken hearts while the virus is still at large, but I think hope can be found with a silver lining, though this one is very thin.

“Being in quarantine has brought me closer to my family,” said Jessica Wright. “I never really spent time with them because I had school, work, and practices but I’m thankful I have this time to be back.”

In addition to more family time, the environment has gotten rest from pollution and litter.  The air even seems to be better. Not that many cars have been out driving therefore, no pollution.

People are given time.  They can catch up on old hobbies, learn something new, or try a recipe out in the kitchen.

“I’ve learned how to knit, do my own eyebrows, cook foods I’ve never cooked before, and picked up painting again,” said Christine Harrington, a former friend from high school.
Gas prices, plane tickets, train tickets, all transportation tickets have decreased, another positive outcome due to this virus.

“The only thing that’s benefiting me during this crisis is the gas prices. It usually takes 30$ to fill my tank, now it’s less than that,” said Aiyahna Fleming. “I guess you can say it’s saving money.”

Families have more time to be together.

“Ever since this coronavirus came, I can’t take my daughter to the park everyday like I used to,” said Tanisha Harrison, a mother. “Even though we could go on a run, the park was her way of exercise and my way of relaxation.”

But families and eve individuals are being torn apart by stress, pain, and uncertainty.
The coronavirus put many people out of work and many businesses out of business. Prices of some items at the grocery store have increased due to low demand.

Many people are worried. Being that we are supposed to be practicing social distancing, people still have to go to grocery stores to get food.  The grocery store is filled with people and panic.

“I’m actually ready for this to be over. I’m ready to enjoy being outside without having a mask on, this is getting out of hand,” said Tanisha.

Being an essential worker is also dangerous. Someone could be in the store with coronavirus causing a spread.

“I can’t even go to work. I would love to go back but I have asthma which puts me at a high risk,” said Christine. “Being out of work with hardly any income coming in is terrible.”

But relief is coming.  Scientists are working endlessly.  Try to enjoy the time with your family.  The time for yourself.  The time to reset.  And maybe enjoy a trip to the gas station.

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