Covid on students: Marketta’s view beyond the classes

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By Marketta Bennett

Everything is closing, businesses are getting shut down, restaurants have closed their dining areas and moved to curb side pick-ups.  Schools, universities and colleges are closed, sports seasons have been cancelled.  It feels the world just took a whole left turn because of this virus.

This virus has affected so many people in so little time. It has affected me in a way but not so much of a dramatic change has happened. Being that close contact with people is prohibited, I can not go back to work. No work, no money.

The virus has spread so quickly, schools had to shut down immediately to prevent the spread of the virus. Students that were in college had to evacuate campus housing as soon as possible, leaving some students in a hard situation.

“My parents had to go grocery shopping and shop for essentials multiple times with it being six people in our house,” said Alyssa Crowder, a sophomore at William Peace. “It hasn’t really been difficult, but it has been different.”

Why was it a struggle for some students? Traveling. Many students had to travel out of state or even hours away to go back home. Many of these students had to put themselves at risk because the airport, train stations, and bus stations are filled with people and close contact.

“No money as a college student who’s putting herself in school means I have to find more ways to make money. In order to prepare myself for that, I’ve filed for unemployment due to the virus and I’ve also started applying for more economic stable jobs,” said Tiyonna Harrison, a sophomore that attends Kennesaw University.

Grocery stores and supermarkets are becoming empty because everyone is afraid we will go into a full lock down, so they are trying to stock up on everything as much as they can. It is ridiculous how empty the food sources are becoming, and it’s only getting worse.

“My sister works at Duke Raleigh hospital, so that’s a small worry for my family and I.  Also, my siblings and I are having to adjust to online classes. Learning online is more difficult, it feels like it’s more about memory than actual learning,” said Crowder.

Moving to online classes can be a huge struggle and transition for a lot of students. Many do not have a laptop or computer nor do they have internet access at home.

For some students, school was their only way to get away from home. Some students have to go back to an unhealthy household whether that has little to no food, abusive parents/guardians, anxiety, or any other factor that strains mental or physical health.
This worries me because as a server and bartender, I am not making money. Our restaurant has cut 80% of staff workers to make ends meet. The company can not afford to keep all of us on staff during times of low income,” said Harrison.

Hopefully, we are at least half way through the lock down.  There is hope for government relief, and there is the possibility of things opening sooner than we think.
Please everyone, stay home, stay clean, and stay positive, everything is going to work out.

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