Welcome Back Pacer Playlist

Pacer Playlist


By Adrian Megee

You’re a few weeks into the strangest year of college you could ever imagine, and this Pacer Playlist is here with your welcoming soundtrack. Look for more playlists throughout the fall semester!
1. We’re All in This Together – High School Musical Cast

Let’s be honest, this school year is not what we planned for. For incoming Freshmen, you didn’t get to graduate the way you planned and your first year in college has been side tracked. For Sophomores you were ready for some new freedom away from being a new freshman, For Juniors you just want to survive this year. And for Seniors, you’re worried about whether you can even walk in graduation this year. But just like this song, we all are in this together. 

So let’s show what the students of William Peace University are made of. 

2. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

We have to keep it positive in this crazy world. If we think negatively or if we have the mentality of this pandemic never ending. The biggest thing we need to do is not stop believing in the day when we can return to an almost normal life. Let’s be honest, there is not a baseline normal for a college student like all of us. 

3. Adios – EVERGLOW

Where are my Kpop Stans?? I see you out there on campus. In actuality I have chosen Adios because this has a fantastic beat. This girl group has an amazing theme of girl crush, where they are tough and independent. So put in your headphones and get ready to jam to some awesome music as we wish for this virus to say “Goodbye Adios”!

4. It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones

Everyone needs a little bit of Sir Tom, Let’s just have some fun moments, and jam. Just know what you’re feeling is “Not unusual”!

5. Shut Up and Dance – WALK THE MOON

Alright everybody, let’s pause the worries. It’s time to shut up and dance in your room. Dance like nobody’s watching, and if your roommate or suite mate, (Or all of them!) are, tell them to join! 

6. Year 3000 – Jonas Brothers

Does anyone else want to go to the year 3000? I’m alright with living underwater! And I’m sure everyone’s great great great-grandaughter (Or son or whoever they would like to be) are doing fine!

7. All Star – Smash Mouth

Everyone is an All star this year! You’re attending college and getting your education! We are all so proud of you! So keep being amazing and just be yourself!

8. S.O.S – Jonas Brothers

Anyone already calling SOS? I had to give a little love for the old school Jonas brothers. Don’t worry, we are all here for you! So enjoy the cute teenage Nick, Kevin, and Joe, and take it easy love. 

9. Bye Bye Bye – *NSYNC

I’ll be honest, this is mostly what I said leaving home. We all want to stay so we need to keep it clean and pretend we are in boy-band music videos. Stay away from people. 

10.  The Boys Are Back – High School Musical 3

Let’s give some love to our seniors, Class of 2021! We Back Baby!

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