By Christian Ponce

When I was accepted into William Peace University I thought it would just be some place I got a degree from and that I would just move on with my life after graduation. Now that IMG_3715I’m a senior, I realized it has become more than that and can confidently say anyone who is wondering about coming to Peace will also feel the same way too once you join the community. 

I am part of a community and have felt fully supported. I have made many memories, made some wonderful friends, took part in a variety of activities, have been challenged academically, and have learned more about myself. 

I grew to enjoy the time I spent here and I am sad that it went by in a flash. So much has happened during what seems to be such a small time frame, but am certainly grateful for the time I have had on campus. 

I would like to share what made Peace such a positive experience for me. Peace is a place that tries to make every student feel supported as they work to meet their goals by having faculty and staff that are passionate in their jobs and who care about their students and their concerns. 

The faculty will do everything in their power to ensure that students understand the subject material and that they are able to pass with flying colors. The staff works hard to provide a safe environment while offering many different campus events to make every day you spend on campus unique. 

Since Peace is located in Raleigh, I’ve discovered many new places to eat, places to shop, and new places to simply relax and take a break from academics. The campus is small, but always feels lively with everyone walking around and greeting one another on campus. 

Peace is a place that teaches all the skills students would need to know to be able to pursue their dream career whether that is in Psychology, Communications, Biology, or Liberal Arts. I chose to pursue Simulation and Game Design (SGD). 

A few schools offer a game design program and Peace is one of those schools. I was excited that Peace could offer many courses in game design and teach me the skills I need to pursue a career in the video game industry. 

I was also thrilled to learn about the game lab at Peace and various equipment available to SGD students to complete classwork and projects. Equipment that would not have been available to me otherwise. I was not disappointed. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed SGD and encourage anyone who wants to learn more to visit the game lab. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic year at Peace like I did, go Pacers!

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