WPU Tutoring Center Welcomes Students

By Endeja Carter

Have you ever struggled with a class, or felt as if you didn’t quite grasp a certain concept from a lecture? Well, you definitely are not the only person that has had this issue, yet this is a part of the journey of being a college student. 

The William Peace University tutoring center has you covered. On occasion, you’ll most likely need a little assistance, and that is alright. 

Photo by Endeja Carter

“I think the tutoring center is an awesome resource to have access to. We have tutors for a variety of subjects, and if there is a subject we don’t have a tutor in, Dr. Rogers will always try her best to place you with someone who can best suit your academic needs. I highly recommend utilizing the tutoring center, said WPU junior Allison Schaper.

This great tutoring community additionally offers web and print materials on themes, for example, note-taking materials recommended science resources and book resources.

Isaiah Davis, a WPU senior, has been a peer tutor for two semesters and says the program has grown under Dr. Rogers, director of academic support. 

“During my time serving, I have learned a lot about the WPU community and what it takes to help my peers around me succeed,” Davis said. “[Rogers] has made sure all the tutors have the proper technology and most importantly the correct training to assist our peers.”

Student tutors go through mock tutoring sessions along with group exercises, said Davis. 

“I highly recommend tutoring,” he says. “Due to it being peer to peer you can build a relationship with a student to where they can understand the information in a way their teacher may not deliver it. Studies have shown, with peer tutoring students tend to score an average of a half to whole letter grade higher when going to sessions frequently.”

WPU offers something so unique a lot of schools want to, however, miss the opportunity because of their size and other reasons. WPU tutoring center has great one-on-one peer tutoring.

“The tutoring center is a place that has committed pros who will work hands-on, helping students with the techniques and apparatuses expected to become successful in the classroom. Any subject, any class students are covered,” said Schaper.

The WPU tutoring center has many benefits, including giving students and tutors a sense of fulfillment and a connection with the campus.

“Being able to enhance my fellow peers in their educational journey is very inspiring and knowing that I can provide insight makes my job more enjoyable especially because I love helping people,” said WPU sophomore Cierra Baker. “The certification process was very simple, yet informative, and made me feel more confident when doing my job as a Peer Tutor.” 

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