Sleep- The Best Friend We All Need

Guy sleeping on bed in low light

Throughout our lifetime it always feels like we can never get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is a major part of our life and lack thereof has become a big problem in today’s society. Being in college and getting an adequate night’s rest may seem impossible but continue reading for some tips for a quality nights sleep.
If sleep were given out as a standardized test, most students would most likely fail. Here are a few specific ways to start getting a better sleep.

  1. Fix your wake up time

According to sleep expert Dr. Laura Lefkowitz, you should try to get up within 20 minutes of the same time every day. Try not to set up bad habits of going to sleep at different times too far apart.

  1. Eat for sleep

You should stop eating and drinking at least two hours before you fall asleep. After eating the body and digestion system are busy working on digesting the last of your food which results in them not “shutting down” properly.

  1. Set up a sleep inducing room

Your body temperature naturally drops in the evening, so keep your room at a moderately cool temperature. Also avoid blue light such as cell phones, TVs and other electronics.

  1. Embrace the nap

Even a 15 minute nap improves mood, functionality, alertness, and reaction time. If you want to feel wide awake, drink a little coffee before you go to sleep. The caffeine will start to work through your system after about 20 minutes, enough time for you to wake up.

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