Yoga class leads to inner peace

By Kathleen Howe

Looking for a way to build your flexibility, body awareness, and balance, or help with stress management? Yoga is the class for those who said yes to the question above.

Yoga 1 is a course that is offered to students in the spring and fall semesters and aims to introduce the basic principles of yoga that help educate the body, mind, and spirit. Students in the class, taught by Kathleen Yount, focus on the underlying principles, the practice of yoga, and the understanding of body awareness themselves.

“The goal of the course is to help students build skills in body awareness, stress management, coordination, balance, mobility, and flexibility, and some folks even find that they build strength during the course too,” said Yount. “In the past, I have read their reflection on their experience. A lot of times what I hear most from folks is that it really does help with managing stress and feeling a little bit more at ease and finding their own tools and skills at being able to rest, release stress.”

In yoga, there are many forms that they go over in class that primarily focus on form and stretching of the body. Some examples below from students that are taking the course of Spring 2023: